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FEATURED PRODUCTS has a vast collection of replica swords, daggers, axes, machetes and other weapons. Inside this catalogue you will find the rarest collection of swords from most searched after collectibles. And all this is available at unbeatable prices. We ensure a secure ordering process and quick shipping methods. Most of our shipments are insured, so if your order is damaged while en route, be sure to contact us and we'll take care of the replacement for you.

• About swords
Swords have been the weapon of wars throughout history. Skilled craftsmen were taught to make swords and the result was a well cut and shaped stripe of metal responsible for making or breaking regimes. Swords have been the symbol of warfare and strength for centuries.
In today's world, swords have probably become outdated, but they are still popular among collectors, are used as decorative items for homes, offices, in various traditional ceremonies, and to reflect status. They are a must to have item for those who understand the significance of this weapon, or just like to collect them.

Some of the swords in our catalogue are:

• Samurai Swords
It's a Japanese sword also known as Katana. Strictly speaking, the word "katana" in the Japanese language applies to any origin of single-edged sword, not necessarily a Japanese sword. But nowadays, usually, sword lovers define katana as a slightly curved Japanese sword with a blade longer than 60 cm (23.6 inches). The katana has quite a unique appearance: a slightly curved, slender, single-edged blade, circular or squared guard, and long grip for two hands. Traditionally associated with the samurai of feudal Japan, it is known for its sharpness and cutting ability.

• Movie Replica Swords
Interested in movie replica swords? You are sure to love the swords featured in Hollywood blockbusters like"Kill Bill". has an extensive collection of Kill Bill Swords right at your fingertips, with prices ranging from $26.95 to $145.99. A couple of the most recent additions to our collection have been swords from "G.I.Joe".

• Medieval Swords
Swords have been THE weapon in the medieval history. Here at we have some unique medieval swords all set to shine in your collection, at affordable prices.

• Fantasy Swords
You have seen fantasy swords in movies. These are weapons that have the special or magical powers, according to those fantasy movies. We won't be able to deliver those powers with our swords but we can deliver the swords which will surely attract your friends' attention.

And this is just a preview of what has to offer. We pride ourselves in the competitive pricing strategy and excellent customer service.

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